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Your car deserves it. You deserve it.

We spend in total 4 years of our life in our car. In Aro Detailing we say you deserve to spend this time in a car in a very good condition, in fact like new. Yes like new. Most of us consider having a «clean car» from vacuuming the interior at the gas station and washing the exterior with high pressure water. Well….there is much more to maintaining a car than its «wash». With a significant part of our daily life spent in the vehicle, it is obvious that having a clean car is crucial to our health and safety.

Aro Detailing is not a simple wash. In fact we go the extra mile to offer you a real solution to keep your car as shiny and clean as new, fresh and sanitised, virus and bacteria free without sacrificing a single minute more of your life for your vehicle. Did you know steering wheels can be 6 times dirtier than an average cell phone screen; 4 times dirtier than a public toilet seat; and 2 times dirtier than public elevator buttons? Irregular cleaning of vehicle interiors, surfaces, and the upholstery can lead to large amounts of dirt, grime, and heavy deposits of contaminants accumulating in the car, making it a hotbed for mold and bacteria to proliferate. This is especially significant in the present times when most people are working from home or staying indoors, with their cars parked for longer periods in extremely hot environments.


Additional services


Your car headliner is often one of the most neglected part when it comes to wahing your vehicle interior. However, the porous nature of the exposed surface catches easily dirt and smell. Cleaning your headliner requires careful technique and specific products. It’s the perfect match with our mat and upholstery shampoo for a “feel like new” interior.

In-depth cleaning of your mats with our special brushes, machines and products. It removes all the dirt, dust and stains embedded in the fabric while decontaminating your mats of bacteria and other impurities. Usually goes with our Carpet Shampoo for a full decontamination of your car floor.
In-depth cleaning of your Carpet with our special brushes, machines and products. It removes all the dirt, dust and stains embedded in the fabric while decontaminating your Carpet of bacteria and other impurities. Includes trunk carpet. For a full floor in-depth cleaning and decontamination we recommend our Mat Shampoo too!
Deep cleaning of your seats, restoring its initial color, removing stains and bad odors. We recommed to add our Fabric protectant and Stain Repellent treatment to keep the results for longer!
Treatment for your fabric seat and/or Mats, repelling water and other liquids. Helps preventing stains and resists accidental spills like tea, coffee etc. Helps protecting your fabric from fading, discoloration and harmful UV rays. It can last up to 12 months however we recommend to do it twice a year. Very good match with our upholstery shampoo.
Deeply removes your pet hair embedded in your mats and carpets
Cleaning and sanitizing your baby car seat to ensure it is safe and comfortable for your child.
Tobacco smoke, vomit, pet accident leaving a very bad smell in your interior? We have the solution with this 3 steps treatment. 1 Shampoo the infected area. 2 ozone disinfection. 3 Bamboo Charcoal odor neutralization bag (the bag is included and reusable to keep your car interior fresh for longer)
Recommended to be done every 90 days to protect and nourish your leather seats in order to avoid cracks and deterioration from UV rays and excessive heat.

Special treatment for all plastic surfaces inside and outside of your car. Resulting in restoring its shine and color. Recommended to be done every 45 to 60 days depending on where your car is parked overnight.

Full disinfection of your car interior using an Ozone generator. It can partially kill bad smells too however, for better results we recommend our Odor Remover pack.
Cleans your aircon system and helps maintaining an eficient, healthy and odorless air in your car.


Removes any kind of surface imperfection and/or roughness and gives your car paint a glass smooth touch. It is advised to do a Clay Bar treatment every 60 to 90 days to keep your car in excellent condition. This treatment requires a new Wax protection.
Double application of Carnauba Wax (best wax on the market). Recommended to be done every 30 to 45 days to keep your paint well protected
Protective coating for your windows, causing the water to bead off when contact is made and resulting in a lasting defense against unsightly marks.
Removes the cloudy, opaque and yellowish film which appears overtime, and really improves the brilliance of your lights visibility and general safety when driving
Restores the shine on the chrome parts of your car
Removes waterspots from your paint and windows without having to polish
We detail your engine bay with specific products and techniques
We deeply clean your wheels and wheel wells, and apply a sealant for protection against dirt and dust, keeping your wheels clean for longer. Up to 8 months of protection.

Removes deeper defects than the single step polish (Any doubt? please send us pictures of your car and we’ll guide you between the single step and the two steps polish)

Removes light paint defects like scratch and swirls

Special treatment for all surfaces inside & outside, resulting in restoring its shine and color. Recommended to be done every 45 to 60 days depending on where your car is parked overnight.

Removes fine scratches and swirl marks from your car.

Necessary if the car presents marks of mud, excessive tar or birds droppings to be removed prior further treatment


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