Mobile and waterless car wash frequently asked questions

We are located in Marbella we operate ANYWHERE from Cabo Pino to Estepona. Just outside this zone? Please contact us to arrange an advance booking.

We wash your car where you anytime anywhere from Monday to Saturday from 10am to 7pm. Early riser? Early morning appointments are available upon request, contact us!

Besides the obvious lack of water, there are a few unique attributes of a waterless carwash. Firstly, it’s the chemical cleaning products that are used, they are more environmentally friendly than ever before. Secondly, there are the microfiber cloths that are used on your car, they don’t scratch or need water to clean perfectly every time. Thirdly, you get a polished sparkling car without the mess that traditional carwashes often have.

By using this method we actually save tons of water and is our way to help preserve the environment. It also allows a detailers to perform services in tight areas.

Detailing your car is significantly different from washing your car. A normal car wash just cleans off the surface dirt and grim where car detailing is to meticulously clean, polish and protect all parts of a vehicle from top to bottom, inside and out, using specialist tools and products that would not normally be used by your typical car cleaner.

This deep clean removes the fine hairline scratches that dust particles and pollution leave on the outside of your car. Likewise, it is also a deep clean of the upholstery and interior of your vehicle. During a proper car detail, the provider will not only deep wash your vehicle inside and out, but will apply a good quality wax to the exterior as well. The deep clean will remove any contaminants from the interior, bringing back the “new car smell” that we all appreciate. It will also bring the paintwork back to that bright shining luster that you often see on the showroom floor.

The waterless cleaning polish works like a magnet for dirt, pulling it closer and warping the dirt particles in the polish. Wiping away the dirt then becomes simple with the microfiber cloths. They easily wipe the dirt away and softly polishes the surface of your vehicle. The cleaning agents leave a layer of polish on your car that then is polished away leaving your car sparkling and clean. There is no scratches involved and your car looks so much better. No more scratches from the car wash bristles or the foam lines where it was not rinsed properly.

Please have a look at our prices here.

Aro is a cashless service so you will need an active debit/credit card. All payments are made on the website through a secure and easy to use platform.

There is no hidden fees. The only extra charge that could be billed to you, would be the extra dirt charge (if you haven’t already selected it during your booking process). You’ll be notified upon arrival of the detailed to your car and prior starting your car detailing.

Booking a waterless car wash or detailing with us is very simple and requires only few minutes of your time. Simply click on « book now », let us locate you or choose where you want us to detail your car, choose from our different packages, add few extras and choose your date and time. Finally enter your details and proceed with our online secure payment and relax. We take care of your car.

No you don’t. We come to your vehicle fully equipped. We don’t even need electricity as all of our machines work with battery.

During the booking process you’ll have the possibility to add other cars if you wish.

Book two cars or more and enjoy a discount! (Cars must be available to our detailers at the same time and at the same place).

All of our detailers are directly hired and employed by ARO. That way we control the excellence of our services to make sure you are entirely satisfied.

Yes we do. However matte paint finish requires special maintenance and care.

Detailing a matte finish is not necessarily more difficult than a glossy finish but there will definitely be differences in techniques, products and materials used to ensure a top-quality finish.

Please contact us for further details at contact@arodetailing.com

An Ozone cleaning works in 4 different steps as below:

1.Sterilization: effectively eliminates pollutants without causing secondary pollution.

2.Deodorization: completely remove mold, cigarette smoke, etc

3.Oxygenation: Increase the oxygen content in the air.

4.Health: Purify the air and promote human metabolism

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