The Waterless Carwash Revolution

Keeping your car clean and sparkling has often taken you to your local carwash. It’s a scene that includes queuing, waiting and a substantial amount of water sprayed on your car and rinsing the soap suds off again. For all the good-looking cars that go through this process, there is a new way of washing your car that is proving to be very popular and good for the environment in innovative ways.

A Waterless Carwash?

Yes, there is such a thing. And it makes keeping your car clean so much eco-friendlier and more convenient. With the recent droughts that have plagued our communities all over, it’s quite a sight to see. A totally waterless car wash. Where once was 100’s of gallons of water used now there is but a mere bucket for the microfiber cloths. What’s more? The efficiency of the waterless car wash is  better than using water-based methods. There are no scratches involved and your car looks so much better. 

How Does It Work?

Besides the obvious lack of water, there are a few unique attributes of a waterless carwash. Firstly, it’s the chemical cleaning products that are used, they are more environmentally friendly than ever before. Secondly, there are the microfiber cloths that are used on your car, they don’t scratch or need water to clean perfectly every time. Thirdly, you get a polished sparkling car without the mess that traditional carwashes often have. 

With any carwash, there are cleaning materials, yet with a waterless carwash, the detailers use more advanced waterless cleaning agents. These agents are sprayed on your car and the dirt literally gets sucked up into them, making it easy to wipe away. The waterless cleaning polish works like a magnet for dirt, pulling it closer and warping the dirt particles in the polish. Wiping away the dirt then becomes simple with the microfiber cloths. They easily wipe the dirt away and softly polishes the surface of your vehicle. The cleaning agents leave a layer of polish on your car that then is polished away leaving your car sparkling and clean. No more scratches from the car wash bristles or the foam lines where it was not rinsed properly.

Good for The Environment

The most amazing thing about a waterless carwash is not the vast amounts of water that is saved or even how clean your car is afterward. But it is the eco-friendly products and processes that this innovative carwash revolution presents. Your vehicle is cleaned with the latest in cleaning products that are environmentally friendly and save water like never before. On average you save about 120 gallons of water with every waterless carwash and you are not releasing any harmful chemicals into the groundwater. This means waterless carwashes protect the groundwater and clean your car. 

The importance of high-quality waterless cleaning products is very important. Without proper cleaning chemicals, you will not have the full effect on the environment or your paintwork. The superior waterless cleaning products make all the difference, and a microfiber buff brings out the luster of your paint and makes your car look fantastic. 

So why don’t you try a waterless carwash in the comfort of your home or while working in your office? Contact ARO detailing today, we wash your car anytime, anywhere!

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